Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Images of Japan: Okinawa, Tokyo and Narita

Okinawa: Shuri Temple
Okinawa: Cultural Show at Shuri Temple
Okinawa: Peace Memorial Park

Tokyo: Palace Garden Tour
Tokyo: Tower on Imperial Palace grounds
Tokyo: Hami Gardens near the Conrad Hotel

Tokyo: Ueno Park
Narita: Shinsho-ji Temple
Narita: Buddhist ceremony at Shinsho-ji Temple

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Images of Saipan: American's Pacific Paradise

Wedding at the Hyatt
Enjoying the Hyatt beach

Welcome to the Hyatt
The Hyatt's beautiful pool
Memorial Park in Saipan

War in the Pacific Museum
Doing a out-reach program at the Hyatt
Our friend, Luis

Saipan's Bird Island
Peace Memorial at Suicide Cliff
Cultural show - part of street market

Tinian: Taga House
Tinian: covering where the atomic bombs were kept
Saipan: end of the day

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